Hi! In this blog we will try to geolocate a fighter aircraft F-16. We will figure out from which air base that aircraft took off in the mentioned small video clip. Distance covered on taxiway. Distance traveled by aircraft on the main runway before it took off. Approximate point on the run way from where the aircraft gets airborne.

The link of the clip is given below:

(Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes. All rights of video belong to the respective owner.)

So let’s get started:

In the description of the video there is no information given related to the air base. The only information given is the name of aircraft which is F-16 and its climbed altitude of 10000 ft.

Watching the clip closely reveals the aircraft had taken right turn to get on the runway from taxiway.

From the start of the clip till 0:15 seconds the aircraft was on the taxiway and on 0:16 seconds the aircraft was on the main runway and ready for the takeoff as the pilot said, “Here we go”.

On 0:26 the aircraft pull up and 0:28 seconds aircraft had been airborne.

From 0:28 to 0:41 the aircraft flew at a low altitude of 350 – 450 ft. The aircraft alerted the pilot with “Low altitude” words.

At 0:42 seconds the pilot asks the other one about the readiness for altitude climb with the word “Ready”. At 0:44 aircraft pulled up and started to climb for 10000 ft. This also indicates that the aircraft might be a dual seat version. In the clip there are 3 people talking, one can be from Air Traffic Control and other two are pilots.

At 0:55 we have highest and clearest view of the runway before aircraft performed 180 degree roll.

After 180 degree roll.

In the about section of the YouTube channel there is information of the owner and the disclaimer related to United States Air For (USAF). This also indicates that aircraft belong to the United States Air Force (USAF).

Before jumping to maps try to get maximum info from the clip as much as we can. At the end of the clip before 180 degree roll we got comprehensive view of the air base.

This air base has 2 runways.

There is cross like |X| area on the right side (left side of the pilot) in the clip.

There are 3 ponds around the air force base.

Trees can be seen on the back and right side (left side of the aircraft) in the clip.

Concrete structures and sheds appear on the left side (right side of the pilot) in the clip.

At this point there are multiple clues to distinguish the air base.

I would like to recommend you to hunt for the air base by yourself until you get success or in other cases you don’t get any clue or you are struck in the process. Good Luck!

Welcome Back! There are more than fifty air bases of USAF within the United States. Verifying one by one would be quite overwhelming. In case you are struck here are quick nudges.

  1. Search about USAF air bases in the mainland USA.
  2. Search about the air bases on which f- 16 are stationed.

First you filter out the info about air bases then you will filter out the info related to the deployment of the aircraft and compare the air base with the filtered one by using Google Earth.

Here again I would recommend you to stop following the blog for a while and try by yourself.

After multiple hits and trails I found an air base with similar structure. Now moving towards verification.

As now all of the observed points matched it is confirmed that this was the air force base from which the aircraft flew. The air base is Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.

Now let’s find out the distance traveled by the aircraft on the taxiway. In order to find out we have to focus on the first fifteen seconds of the clip.

Focus on the 0:00 to 0:07 duration you will find that aircraft had passed 4 straight marked lines on the ground and 3 highlighted half circles Measuring the distance traveled from 0:00 to 0:15.

The aircraft had traveled 147 ft (45 m) of distance on the taxiway. The distance is measured using the Google Earth measurement tool.

Next is to find the distance covered on the runway before getting airborne. In order to find out we have to focus on the clip from 0:16 to 0:26. Watching closely you will find that aircraft had passed two white markings on the runway and on the second mark aircraft started to pull up.

Aircraft had approximately covered 1000 ft (305 m) distance before airborne.

Image of approximate point of aircraft’s take off is given below.

Name of Location: Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

Hope so you liked and find this write-up helpful.