This article is related to a series of Geolocation challenges posted on Hacktoria. This article is specific for Geolocation 32. This geolocation challenge is now not available on Hackoria. You can still practice these challenges to polish your skills.

The challenge is to geolocate the given image.

The screenshot of the challenge is given below:

Let’s try to solve this challenge.

First try to find clues in a given image.

  1. Unique port or dockyard structure.
  2. Density of population near port.
  3. Patches of greenery.

Apparently the view in the given image does not help us in identification of place or at least region etc. Let’s try to do a reverse image search and try to find any hint regarding it.

From the reverse image search we found an image nearly exact of the given image with minor differences.

Open the link of the image to get further info regarding it.

It is showing that image belongs to the Port of Naples but here I found another similar labeled image. Newly found labeled image is directed towards the Edge Port. Try to dig it further.

This image gives tons of info that image is of Port of Civitavecchia Barcelona port with a lot of other details. Let’s try to verify it on Google Earth before moving further.

This is the similar view as appeared in the given image. The site is situated in Italy instead of Spain. The only difference is that in this picture it is clearly visible that half of the under construction site is completed.

Location: Port of Civitavecchia, Italy

Here the challenge is completed. Kindly share it if you like. Thank you. See you in the next challenge.