This article is related to a series of Geolocation challenges posted on Hacktoria. This article is specific for Geolocation 6. This geolocation challenge is now not available on Hackoria. You can still practice these challenges to polish your skills.

The challenge is to geolocate the given image.

The screenshot of the challenge is given below:

Let’s try to solve this challenge.

First try to find clues on a given image of geolocation.

  1. There are stadium lights which ensure that this is a stadium.
  2. There is an American flag which shows that this place is somewhere in the USA.
  3. There is a baseball banner behind the tree which inform us that this is a baseball stadium.
  1. There is a little memorial that seems to be related to a baseball player. There is also a big “P” on the right side of statue.

As the statue is the most distinguished one among all of the indication so we are going to reverse image search the monument.

There is one result that appears to be similar of the statue which is highlighted above.

  1. If you had looked closely, that curve of the statue is similar to the given one.
  2. Similar fence appearance as in the given image.
  3. Similar road strips painted as appeared in the given image.
  4. The Exact same “P” logo appeared on the side of the statue.
  5. The information written on the statue shows us that this player belongs to both football and baseball and if you remember at the start of the challenge there was a baseball banner, so this confirms that the place is related to baseball.

These 5 points depict that it is almost a similar statue. The picture gives info about the name of the person to whom the statue belongs. Also gives info about him like Miami and Purdue. Miami is the team he played for and Purdue (Purdue University) is the university where he studied. I have tried searching for a Baseball and football stadium named after him but I did not get success.

While searching about the Robert Allen I found another similar picture with more clarity which confirms the similar location attributes.

Reading the text I found out that there are a couple of words which can lead towards location like “Evansville” and “Bosse Field”.

Search shows that Bosse Field is the stadium located in the hometown of the player which is Evansville. Moving to the “Google Maps” to locate the given image.

  1. There is Bob Griese Pass.
  2. Flag area appeared in the given image.
  3. Similar curved place from which a given image is taken.
  4. Appears to be the exact spot where the monument is placed.

Moving forward by zooming the 4th mark.

Exploring with Street View.

To get the similar street view make sure to use the street view from the same spot as marked in the above screenshot.

  1. Same memorial.
  2. Similar flag hanging as in the given picture.
  3. Similar Iron fence located.

Address: Bosse Field, North Main Street, Evansville, IN, USA.

Coordinates of Place: 37.99286258669267, -87.56278803060795

Here the challenge is completed. Kindly share it if you like. Thank you. See you in next challenge.