This article is related to Image Analysis challenges posted on Hacktoria. This article is specific for Image Analysis 4.

The challenge is about the given image from a video game and to find out the name of that video game.

The screenshot of the challenge is given below:

Let’s try to solve this challenge.

Starting image analysis with reverse image search.

Go to “Google Images”


Click on Camera Icon.


Now click on “Upload an Image” and there upload the image by selecting the image.


Now wait for the search result. 

In searching, it appears that the name of the video game is “Monster Hunter: World”.

Try to verify it before further investigation.

Wait for the result.

It appears to be the wrong answer.

Let’s try to search again for this image but with a different search engine “Yandex”.

Go to “Yandex Images”

Click on Lens Icon.

You can either drag an image here or you can also enter the URL of Image for search.

Now wait for the search result. 

The search result shows that image is taken from the video game “Horizon Zero Dawn” and there are plenty of similar supporting images and also videos. Try to verify it before investigating more about this image.

Wait for the result.

Here the challenge is completed. Kindly share it if you like. Thank you. See you in the next challenge.