This article is related to a series of Fact Checking challenges posted on Hacktoria. This article is specific for Fact Checking 10.

The challenge is about the Japanese man who was stuck in the massage chair.

The screenshot of the challenge is given below:

Let’s try to solve this challenge.

First let’s see what info we can get from the image.

News Headline:    Japanese man struck in massage chair

News Info:        It is related to a Japanese struck in massage chair

News site:        Sun News

    Text related to News:    A Japanese man tweets for help after getting stuck in a massage chair. A man found himself struck in a massage chair after waking up in an empty departmental store in Japan. Upon waking up, the man decided the best way to plea for help was to Tweet about his ordeal until help arrived.

This is enough info to start the investigation. Let’s enter the query on the search engine and analyze the results.

It appears that there are multiple trustworthy accounts which are reporting this news. This concludes that the news is not fake but it is “Real”.

Select the “Real” answer from the options.

Here is the result.

Here the challenge is completed. Kindly share it if you like. Thank you. See you in the next challenge.