This article is related to series of Fact Checking challenges posted on Hacktoria. This article is specific for Fact Checking 6.

The challenge is that either Squirrels are major cause of power outages in USA or otherwise.

The screenshot of the challenge is given below:

Let’s try to solve this challenge.

First let’s see what info we can get from the image.

Keywords:    Squirrels, Major cause, Power outage, USA

This is enough info to start the investigation. Let’s enter the same question asked from us on search engine and analyze the results.

It can be seen from multiple sources that squirrels are responsible for outage in US.

Energy newsroom declared them as “King of power Outage.”

Select the “True” option.

Let’s wait for the result.

Here the challenge is completed. Kindly share it if you liked. Thank you. See you in next challenge.